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School and Commodity Calculators

Pierce Chicken® offers these exclusive tools to help you order just the right amount of our delicious chicken products. You can also turn commodity dollars into value-added products. Use the commodity calculators to convert a bulk chicken value into a commodity discount on qualifying purchases.


Commodity Lbs-to-Servings Calculator image

Commodity Lbs-to-Servings

Excel spreadsheet that allows schools to convert their raw diverted commodity chicken pounds into number of cases and number of servings. Great tool for helping the district determine purchase levels and will help in obtaining accurate and predictable purchase order values.

Commodity Servings-to-Lbs Calculator image

Commodity Servings-to-Lbs

Excel spreadsheet that allows schools to determine number of servings needed per menu cycle. Once the servings are determined and how often the product will be menued in a school year, the district will have an accurate amount of commodity chicken they will need to divert to meet that number of servings. Allows schools to accurately manage their entitlement with minimal carryover from year to year.

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