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Downloadable Gold Kist Farms Logo

This is a link to the logo in the Media section.

Gold Kist Product Brochure

Our School Nutrition Product Guide contains information on our full range of high quality protein items, as well as our ongoing efforts for improved sustainability.

Chicken Meatballs Brochure

New for the 2018/2019 school year - our Italian Style CN Chicken Meatballs! Made from 100% dark meat, they look and taste homemade, while still delivering consistent portion control for menu planning.

Guajillo Tenders

Spice up your school menu with our new A+ Spicy Guajillo Tenderloins! These tasty whole muscle chicken bites deliver consistent portions of high-quality protein with dynamite taste that meets your nutritional requirements and taste that your students crave.

8 Piece Chicken

It's back by popular demand: our fully-cooked (marinated or breaded) 8-piece chicken parts. All servings meet the 2.00 oz meat/meat alternative guidelines.


Our new No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) PhD chicken bites, strips and patties are an exclusive offering from Gold Kist Farms

Breaded Drumstick

Dark meat breaded drumstick that is easy to serve and loved by students. A classic option for any lunch and great way to manage your dark meat drawdown.

Ovenable Wings

Ovenable wings with the appearance and texture you expect from a restaurant. Formulated specifically for the oven, these wings will quickly become a lunchtime favorite!

Dark Meat Products

Discover the delicious dark meat options from Gold Kist. Use these flavorful options in new, exciting ways. Dark meat is a great way to increase participation and manage your commodity draw downs.

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